Holding out to defend the Republic..

Herman Cain delivers a response to Obama’s SOTU speech.

Islamic terrorists strike Moscow’s busiest airport.  (VIDEO)

Global warming strikes Atlanta!  Shocking video here.

Herman Cain may be the answer for this nation’s seemingly overwhelming difficulties. (WARNING: Herman says we need to alter Congress and abolish the current occupant of the White House.  If you are especially sensitive to vitriol, you may want to avoid watching the video above.)

Abandon the Constitution because a politician has been attacked?  History says no.

Obama has learned fiscal responsibility?  Oops, no… he’s just a Marxist.

A Happy Early Fourth of July from my two youngest children and JibJab!

SCOTUS rules in McDonald v. City of Chicago… and the Second Amendment survives.

NEW ALAMO POLL: In the lead-up to Independence Day, I thought it would be interesting to get your opinion on who was the greatest U.S. president.  I have my own view, which I’ll share in a July 4 posting.  Historians have their take, as well, consistently ranking FDR and Lincoln at the top of the list.  So pick your favorite, and may the best man win!

The last Alamo poll, “Is experience as a judge necessary to make a good Supreme Court justice?”, has ended.  84% said experience as a judge was necessary.  11% said significant court experience, not necessarily as a judge, would suffice.  And 5% said experience as a judge is actually a detriment.

Islamic supremacy creeps into Dearborn, MI, as Christians are detained for standing outside an Arab festival.

Stimulating!  The IRS dips into our money to renovate their facilities… with an art gallery and indoor gardens.

A well-respected member of the Media tells Jews to “go back to Germany.” Isn’t it the Media’s job to keep up with current events, like 6 million Jews were killed in Germany?  Maybe she just hates Jews. (VIDEO)

The “thought police” are working in Arizona, and it has nothing to do with illegal immigration.

A Memorial Day video tribute to the American soldiers who have fallen in defense of our freedoms.

New Jersey teachers complain about Gov. Christie’s attempts to fix the state budget.  But, really, not all teachers are greedy whiners.

A message to Mexican President Calderon: “Shut up!”

MUST-SEE TV: Muslim student admits that, not only does she support Hamas, she hopes for a new movement of genocide against the Jewish people.

New Alamo Poll: Is experience important for a Supreme Court Justice?

Latest poll results for “Do you agree with the new Arizona immigration enforcement law?”:  96% Yes, 3% No, 1% I don’t know.

Barney Frank: “…the less I am responsible dealing with [things] the better off everybody is.”

As the Live Oak High School t-shirt controversy continues, Mexican-American students claim, “We wouldn’t [display Mexican flags] on Fourth of July.” Actually, they would.  And have.

AZ Gov. Jan Brewer scores a point with her latest campaign ad that takes a well-placed jab at the current president.

What do marijuana, guns, and the American flag have in common? None are welcome in California schools.

Somewhere Hank Johnson is laughing.  It’s possible Justin Bieber may be even more clueless than the Georgia congressman.

Hate the Tea Parties?  Love to shield Islam’s role in world terrorism?  Why not combine them?  Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Janet Napolitano did when discussing the Times Square incident.

Conspiracy or paranoia? The Feds install black boxes on every vehicle and pull children’s fever reducers off the shelves…

In a world geared toward the “Me” generation, sometimes it takes the words of an elder to put things in context.  In this case, a WWII veteran gives the president a piece of his mind.

So much for the “Post-Racial America”–Barack Obama appeals to blacks, Latinos, women to help the Democrats combat the massive conservative backlash in 2010.

Think illegals don’t have a negative impact?  Try driving on Georgia roads.

Remember in November!  A new website and video will help to remind you of the job at hand this summer and fall.

FLASHBACK: An amnesty trilogy worth re-reading… A case for secession comparing conditions in 1860 and 2010, a letter written in response to a liberal column chiding Tea Party activists as traitors, and an article describing the relationship between illegal immigration and the H1N1 (formerly known as “swine flu”) crisis.

If Obama were put under oath and asked if he were a Muslim, he may have to plead the 5th…

AMAZING! Barack Obama endorses Hank Johnson.  Yes, THAT Hank Johnson.  The people of Guam will sleep safer tonight.

When illegal aliens are suing–and winning!–for being called “criminals,” how much farther can we be from becoming the Bizarro United States?

Conservatives aren’t the only ones disagreeing with the president.  Video from a DNC fundraiser for Barbara Boxer shows gay activists getting under Obama’s skin.  Wonder if that makes them racists?

Over 7,500 attend the Atlanta Tax Day Tea Party event at the Georgia Capitol Building.  Pics and videos here.  Photos and video from the McDonough, GA Tea Party here.

Sarah Palin says an alliance with Mitt Romney “sounds pretty good…”

RUN, HERMAN, RUN! Herman Cain hints that he may throw his hat in the presidential ring.

Join the Herman Cain for President in 2012! Facebook group here.

All I ever needed to know about being an American citizen, I learned from Starship Troopers (and I’m not talking about the film).

Two guys, a guitar, a Kenny Rogers song, and creeping socialism.  Sounds like the beginnings of a great ballad.

Just when you thought you’d heard it all out of the California public school cartel, they’ve now started calling the Declaration of Independence an “offensive” document.

Democrat and climate change legislation supporter Hank Johnson (D-GA) fears island tipping.

FLASHBACK: How ancient history can be applied to the current political climate

Is a nationalized education system the next step for the Obama administration?

“Sir, you don’t need to bow before the Burger King…”


4 responses to “Holding out to defend the Republic..

  1. val

    Let’s all go to Dearborn, Michigan and pass out Bible tracts- HOw long do you think it would take to get arrested??
    With regard to Sharia law now being enforced in Dearborn, I contacted the following people and orgs:
    Obama, Mike Cox, Sander Levin, Debby Stabenow, Mayor of Dearborn, Dearborn police chief, Dearborn judge, Lou Dobbs, Bill Maher, Mike Rogers, every tv station in Detroit, and two tv stations in Flint- Guess how many have responded to my concerns regarding Sharia law upstaging the Constitution?- None of them-

  2. n

    Freedom speech, if someone pass out track, bible,
    listen, if not interested. But they should not be


  3. We need to restore our republic and very soon.

  4. Liberty

    We all want Obama out of the White House, and there is no Republican nominee who can beat Obama. Except Paul. The only way to beat Obama is to steal his votes, and the only who who will do that is Paul. Obama only won the election because he got the Independent vote- it was anyone other than McCain/Palin. Independents and Democrats alike love Paul.
    This is a serious situation. We can’t just wait until 2016 when any old Republican is a shoe in. I fear the economy- and the dollar- will not last that long. It’s time we stop worrying about the reputation of the Republican party (who will be their puppet) and start worrying about the future of this country.
    Please, don’t give up on Ron Paul. Reconsider what you think you know about him- the media has not done a fair job. He was completely ignored in the 08 election.

    “Ron Paul is one of the outstanding leaders fighting for a stronger national defense. As a former Air Force officer, he knows well the needs of our armed forces, and he always puts them first. We need to keep him fighting for our country.”
    -Ronald Reagan

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